The Dakota Gather’s Art Team is committed to making art more accessible to the Metro area. Our grand objective is to see art become part of everyday life in our communities – art that promotes culture and diversity and elevates people’s quality of life.

Not only are we committed to enriching our community we are also focused on providing opportunities and better access to local artists, whether they just emerging or already established.

Dakota Gather has hosted a handful of events including the Annual EPIC Group Art Show, The Community Art Experience, and Draw Club. Our team has also created murals in Downtown Fargo and West Fargo, along with a sculpture display of lamps at The Lights. 


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If you would like to know more about what our Art Team does, please contact us below. Stay tuned for future events and projects!

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Meet The Art Coordinator

Matthew Wuorinen

Art Coordinator

Matthew, also known in the Fargo-Moorhead art scene as ‘Not_Hideuhs’ is a self-taught artist.

His day-to-day is working on art projects specific to current and future EPIC properties. This includes him working on his own designs as well as connecting with other local artists to complete different jobs. As the Art Coordinator for Dakota Gather he plans art shows/events for the area, performs live paintings and creations in the community, creates murals, and much more! Matthew has also started and ran a Free Drawing Club in the FM Area for 4 years, at places such as Drekker Brewing, the Red River Market, Folkways Night Bazaar, West Acres Mall, Red Raven, and Atomic Coffee.

His favorite medium to work with is spray paint because he still feels like he is first using a crayon to color and try staying in the lines but he also works in acrylics, pen, pencils, making sculptures out of repurposed material, digital illustration.

​Instagram: @not_hideuhs